they want to set me up to student teach in Kalona

that’s a 48 minute drive away from Muscatine with no traffic

AFTER i turned down the Iowa City placement because— and I quote— “the commute is a huge factor in my decision.”

*headdesk into the vortex*

I don’t get it when people act tough, I don’t understand it. To me, when you act tough you’re just saying, “Hey! I’ve been though a lot of horrible stuff in my life. And I survived it, and now I’m ready to attack anybody, like a Pit Bull.” — I want a demeanor that says, “I’ve never been through anything at all, and I’m just a Pug, riding a decorative pillow. Where will I go today, who knows? But, I shall be carried.

Who is this? I must see more!

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I hope the makers of this are ready to be millionaires


drink until the homicidal thoughts pass

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It’s really hard to care about writing a good paper for a class that you hate and is useless when you know that your grade doesn’t really matter for your career prospects. Even when they assign letter grades, grad school is essentially pass/fail. And I give no shirts about linguistics.


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Morgan look!



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i must keep reminding myself that my lessons do not have to be planned perfectly, or executed perfectly, and that i mustn’t let my fear of being wrong keep me from finishing what i’ve started

i am learning, and at any rate, i’ll be about the same as their normal teacher anyway.



Masculine Ways to Do Feminine Things by Dave Mercier.

i was gonna be pissed for a minute and then i was happy

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how does anyone in skyrim take my dragonborns seriously??

npc 1: who is that in the field?
npc 2: oh….that’s the dragonborn. she’s the hero of skyrim and tamriel.
npc 1: what is she doing?
npc 2: she’s uh…she’s eating bees.